World Bass Culture United 08.11.13

World Bass Culture United 8th November 2013

Cork collective World Bass Culture (WBC) reunite thier full crew of DJ's, producers and MC's on Friday 8th of November to celebrate Radikal Guru's upcoming 12" vinyl release Warning! from his new album "Subconscious". Due to a massive line up of fifteen artists the event will start at 7pm in the Pavilion Bar and moves to the upstairs venue at 10pm.

WBC started putting on gigs in Cork city when Polish born DJ's ManG and Radikal Guru met in 2008 while working and living in the rebel county. Collaborating with local artists such as Wiggle, Intinn and Harry J, WBC became a meeting ground and umbrella name for Polish and Irish artists to share and experience the live music club scene both in Ireland and Poland. Since then the WBC family has been growing, hosting bass music events and honing their trade of creating, mixing, scratching and exploring electronic, dub and bass music.

Radikal Guru, (Mateusz Miller) is a dub and dubstep music producer and DJ from Poland. His unique sound is a combination of dubstep with roots reggae and UK dub. He gained popularity in 2008 after re leasing a series of singles and remixes on UK based label Dubbed Out records. Radikal Guru started developing his production skills in early age, experimenting with trip-hop, jungle and asian underground. In 2005 he moved to Cork, where he finished his demo called' 'The East-West Connection''. He gained more attention when he started plying DJ mixes at Cork's series of club nights called World Bass Culture and many other events around Ireland. During That Time he developed his production techniques and inspired by soundsystem culture started experimenting with dub and dubstep music. Currently based in Gdansk, Poland.

Ruff chuff (Toby, Wiggle) performs a live mix direct from his vast library of recordings. Producing uplifting dub from chilled foundation dubs to blazing steppas, direct from Proff Ruff Chuff vaults. Featuring 3 upon the mics, MC Ras'Tinny, Fyahred and Benji Revelation. Mr.Brown (Rory, Wiggle) on strings and dub effects. Benji Revelation on low whistles/flutes. 

WBC DJ's and producers Killamanselector, Spets, Kukura, Almer, Smokesystem, RasBido, MC Rungus and MC Harry J play back to back sets of mainly steppers dub and dubwise with heavy low bass. 

Visual backdrop by VJ Present.

Full line up schedule will be released before the event for anyone who wants to catch a particular act. See worldbassculture.blogspot.com for more info.